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Stay Healthy at Picton Mall

Make your health a priority with convenient health care, right here at Picton Mall.

Picton Family Medical Centre has a team of General Practitioners, Nurses and Pathologists ready to take care of you. They also offer Allied Health Services on site with Laverty Pathology, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, an Exercise Physiologist, Sleep Apnoea Clinic, Chiropractor, Podiatrist and Consultant Cardiologist.

If it’s a script you need or advice from your local pharmacist, stop in and see the team at Picton Discount Drug Store.

If you’re feeling any discomfort or suffering from an injury, see your local physiotherapists at Movement Therapy.

Green Sage Massage can assist in improving your health too through reflexology, acupuncture and massage.

Discover more every time you shop at Picton Mall.

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